why hxp circuit

high layers, high frequency, high speed, high reliability

公  司  优  势


1 - HXP Circuit is a China-based PCB factory. Offers competitive prices.

2 - HXP Circuit is UL & ISO9001:2015 certified. Dedicated to provide excellent quality.

3 - HXP Circuit runs two shifts on a seven day week (except for public holidays). 

Delivery is reliable, quick & on time.


4 - HXP Circuit has a knowledgeable & experienced crew. Offers professional support.


5 - HXP Circuit has unparalleled customer service.

No minimum order quantity (MOQ) required.

RFQs are replied within one working day.

Manufacturing status available.

Engineering support & after sales service.

Well packed deliveries.

6- Multilayer PCBs, Rogers PCBs, HDI PCBs & rigid-flex PCBs are highly recommended.

7- Well developed capabilities.

Prototypes, mid-range and volume production

Quick turn - 48 Hour 2 layer PCB / 72 Hour 4 layer PCB / 72 Hour 6 layer PCB

Multilayer PCBs - FR-4, FR-4 TG170, rigid polyimide material, etc.

Rogers PCBs

Rogers PCB + copper base

Rogers + FR4 TG170 hybrid PCBs

Rigid polyimide + FR4 TG170 hybrid PCBs

4 – 20 layers HDI PCBs

Rigid-flex PCBs

Aluminum PCBs

Copper base PCBs

High layers PCBs

Thick PCBs

Heavy copper laminates

High frequency laminates

Peelable mask

Carbon print

Castellated holes

Pad on via technology (Filled vias with epoxy & plate over)


Blind & buried via

Edge plating

Hard gold plated fingers

Controlled impedance

Back drilling

Press-fit holes

Selective hard gold plating

Hard gold plating


IPC class 2 & IPC class 3 standards